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Donna Summer’s American Idol Contestant Fan Wants to Make Tribute

Donna Summer's American Idol Contestant Fan Wants to Make TributeThe Disco Diva Donna Summer is dead! And right now, everyone who knows the singer, especially those who’ve been like on her side are making a lot of speculations with regards to where the singer Donna Summer might have actually acquired her lung cancer! According to what we’ve heard so far, it was all because of the 9/11 attack were she was exposed with a massive dust in the air that she accidentally inhaled. Believe it or not, there are people who can prove it and that it was Summer’s closest friends including Deney Terrio of the television show Dance Fever.

On the other hand, this is not about what triggered the lung cancer of Donna Summer but more on who she was able to inspire with her songs. And right now, we have here the Top 10 of the American Idol SEason 11 show, Erika Van Pelt who claims that Summer here have been like the one who made everyone in the music industry notice her. And because of that, Erika Van Pelts here wanted to make a tribute to Summer by singing one of her songs, “On the Radio” on the upcoming American Idol tour.

No doubt that Erika here was moved by Donna Summer’s song and that it has been like the one that made her career grow up all because of having able to sing for the opening song for Summer’s fundraising last summer in Dallas. The fact that Erika here have already requested to sing a song made by Summer’s proves that she’s serious on making a song tribute for the singer and that the only thing she’s waiting right now is whether or not the A.I directors will agree.


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