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Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 6 – The Almost People

Doctor Who season 6 continues with its episode 6 “The Almost People” this coming May 28, 2011 Saturday evening. It continues where episode 5 left off where the focus of the story is the Gangers or known as the doppelganger of the future where the 11th Doctor was brought by the TARDIS. Well what is so complicated about this episode is that this human duplicates are getting aggressive and rebelling to their originals. Why? They are getting tired of being treated as some sort of back-up and slave during this future where they exist.

What is sad about Doctor Who season 6 episode 6 is that these creatures will wage to war just to fight for their rights to live equally. However some of them wants to fight their original not for that cause but for revenge. That is what the other group of Gangers wants and that is when the Eleventh Doctor get in the middle to be the bridge for the truce of this two clashing groups. But do you know that even our favorite Doctor got his own Ganger too?

Let us watch the full replay of Doctor Who season 6 episode 6 online full replay here at later and see if what will happen with these guys if he can successfully made the peace happen to this futuristic world.

Doctor Who season 6 episode 6 promo trailer.
[youtube 560 349]

The episode is the continuation of the Ganger episode last week which is entitled “The Rebel Flesh.”


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