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Do You Know The Real Reason Why “Dexter” Michael C. Hall Broke Up With His Wife? This Is Why!

Michael C. Hall or should I say Dexter is one pretty hot guy! I’m not saying this because he’s good looking! It’s more like a compliment for having the guts to break up with his wife Jennifer Carpenter she has been with for more than two years! The two we’re pretty much having the best time of their lives as a couple! They’ve been together as husband and wives and didn’t really get into some serious fight not but until now. It’s just that, it seems like Michael here is trying to already get out of the relationship because he’s got something all planned out!

Michael C. HallWhat I’m talking about here is Michael Hall’s new girlfriend Vanessa Abrue! It’s just a shock! It’s been like 6 or 7 months now after his divorce with Jennifer and now he’s got himself some hot girl who’s also a big part in Dexter’s television show! She is said to be a staff of the show and that she’s been having an affair with Michael even before the said divorce! They’ve been keeping the affair low key to not be noticed by Jennifer!

It was Michael who made the big decision to not continue his relationship with Jennifer! He’s been trying to make accusation, making small problems into big ones to kind of make Jennifer just retaliate and say they’re done! This is all but for the sake of him to finally be free to date Vanessa into the public! I’m not sure if you people already knows about this, but this is the sad truth! Now, the two of them are seen in the public having a lot of fun over dinner and parties which apparently is a sign that they are pretty much in a relationship and not just friends anymore!

And by the way, the reason why the two of them we’re not having issues and or being linked with each other when Michael was still married with Jennifer was, they made sure that whenever they get to hang out and or see each other in the public is that there will be a lot of people there which they call as friends! Yes, you got that right! It’s something that you will not easily notice, but if you get to go back to some events! You will see that whenever there’s a party and or events with Michael Hall in there, there’s also Vanessa who’s waiting for him. And by the way, Vanessa here is 15 years younger than Jennifer. Just so you know.


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