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Did You Know The Last Thing Ashton Kutcher Did To Save His Marriage With Demi Moore?

I don’t know if you guys already had a clue on what the actor from the Two And A Half Men television show was able to pull up to try and save his marriage with actress Demi Moore! Well, it was rumoured that the 33 year old Kutcher gave the 49 year old actress Demi Moore a gift for her birthday last November 11 which was a 2012 Lexus Hybrid Car! I know! You guys might probably shock because of the news! Who wouldn’t be! I mean, the press have been releasing a lot of statements with regards to Ashton’s affair with Sara Leal and was not putting much of attention and or rather doesn’t know about the $100, 000 gifts that Ashton gave to Demi Moore! They’ve been concentrating on the facts with regards to Demi Moore’s feelings, and that she’s frustrated and all. But you don’t know is, Asthton here did put an effort to save their marriage!

Ashton Kutcher's Guilt Gift to Demi MooreNow you know! It’s not right to say that Ashton did not do anything to make his relationship with Demi work! Actually he’s been trying to pull a lot of things to make it work, but it didn’t seem to matter for Demi anymore! Now, they are on the stage of the divorce and is said that they are both taking it seriously in hope that the process will not take that long. Now, the both of them are doing just fine minding their own business making sure that the past between the two of them will not affect their careers today!

Ashton here is doing just fine, still busy doing a lot of projects including his television series and his upcoming movie this year 2012. It seems to me that the $100, 000 priced car that he bought for his soon to be ex wife is nothing but a gift of shame and is pretty much obvious that it was triggered because of guilt and not of love!

All of us do have different opinions when it comes to these two, but the fact that Ashton here is the one who cheated doesn’t mean that Demi Moore is off the hook! Probably the two of them have their own faults and that it’s just Ashton here who was caught! I don’t know what you guys think! But for me, I’m just saying what’s on my mind! Who knows, I might also be right!


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