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Did You Know that Sookie From True Blood Show Is Bi Sexual?

This is just shocking! I don’t know if you guys already heard of this! But this is something to take note of! One of the leading stars of True Blood Anna Paquin or “Sookie Stackhouse” is not a real full hearted girl! You read it right! She’s not a girl and pretty much not into boys, but with girls!

For some of you guys who still haven’t heard of this! Well, these are the some of the information about it!

Anne Paquin "Sookie Stackhouse"Sookie here who’s pretty much playing the psychic role in the most rated television show True Blood announced during their press conference together with some of the stars in the show including Margaret Cho, Mya and Jason Mraz her true identity! She told the press that she’s bisexual and that she gives a dam about it! I was when the paparazzi where but on their taping and promoting the show when she harshly and very much openly said that!

Everyone was shocked! I mean, who would’ve thought that she’s gay! After that, everyone was hitting question about her trying to sneek out a question or two about why she’d decided to admit that all of a sudden! She then replied that she has this so called PSA campaign which is very much the one’s who’s accommodating and encouraging women and or people to openly say what they truly are! This was a big change and pretty much some sort of advertising the said group! But right now, it’s official! Anne “Sookie” is bisexual and that it’s final!

For your info, the PSA group that Sookie is indulged with is but not just a small group! This group is one of the biggest out there! It supports everyone and or anyone who’s having some sort of difficulty admitting the public what they really are It’s one of those groups that encourages and help those people who wants to stop hiding under their closet and to start acting the real them!

Sookie sure is an amazing girl admitting in the public what she really is! And because of that, things will be totally different for her in the show! I’m not yet sure what’s in stored for the next season of True Blood! Whatever it is, it’s definitely going to be fantastic for sure!


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