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Did You Know that Rachel Berry’s Mom Is Returning To Glee?

For all the fans of the hit television show called Glee. Did you know that the one that played the role of Quin’s mom was Lea Michele, or should I say Rachel Berry’s real mom! Yes, I know some of you are shocked and some are but what not! This is the truth! The director’s of the show did find Rachel’s mom perfect for the role! But as you too know, the kid and Rachel’s mom disappeared after the episode! Well, for all of you who are but concerned on what happened and or wanted to see the next chapter of it, let me just say that they might be coming back next season!

Rachel Berry and her mom "Indina Menzel"Rachel Berry’s mom is Idina Menzel, and it is said that she might be coming back next season to continue the part about Quin and Puck’s son! This is not yet sure! Well, the news came from a scoop that paparazzi got from fox! There’s no telling if this is possible for the director’s and the writers of the show are not yet releasing statement about it!

This is going to be big! I mean, the hit television show Glee is such a big show! This is the one that teenagers and or folks of all ages would love to watch! Well, every week they’ve been trying to come up with a different story which puts some of the story without an ending into the past! But, here’s the twist! It is said that they’ll be going at the previous episodes bit by bit to have somewhat an element of surprise to the whole show! This is just amazing, right?! I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is a wise choice! Who knows, we might see Indina Menzel much early in the season!

On the other hand, the story of Quin, Puck, Lea and the rest of the Glee club are just getting that much exciting! They’ve been working really hard to reach their dreams, but there’s a lot more to come and that New York was but a start of it all! Right now, you can definitely make sure that the next season episode of the show is going to be more thrilling and fun!


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