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Did You Know That Paul Wesley From The Vampire Diaries Is Already Married?

This might get you as shock as what the others had! But this one is definitely the one that’s been making the press worldwide and in Hollywood goes wild! They just couldn’t seem to make the star from the Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley “Stefan Salvatore” talk about his recent so called secret wedding! He’s as private as what he normally is in his vampire role in the show! But don’t worry, if you still don’t know the facts about the secret wedding and or the girl he married! We are going to give you the full details of it right here!

Paul Wesley and Lorrey DeVittoThe actor might not be spilling the beans now, but it’s more like an obvious sight that this guy is already married! I’m not talking about him not being too close to other girls! It’s all in his ring! You don’t need pictures of the wedding as long as you get to see the ring in his hand!  Yes, my friends! Paul is married, and his married to one of Pretty Little Liars star, Torrey DeVitto!

Some of you might actually be shocked about it while the others say, I know that already! Well, it’s because they have been spotted for almost three years now going out to dates and enjoying one another’s company! The two is said to have had a secret marriage in New York City and said that they kept it as a secret to not alarm the paparazzi and to have it as simple and as spiritual with just them and some of their chosen friends and relatives!

There’s actually no telling the exact date and or if this is true or not! But one thing’s for sure! Its official! These Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liar Stars are already married! The only clue that that made it clear to the public was the recent clandestine nuptials plus the pricey yellow diamond ring together with the wedding band that actress DeVitto have been wearing!

This is good news! At least it is for the both of them! So right now, all I can say is that, girls and or boys who are interested to the couple! They’re already taken, and that they are happy about it!


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