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Did You Know That Damon Salvatore Has a Twin Brother??

You might know this Hollywood Superstar as one of the leading and not to mention hottest guys in the television show The Vampire Diaries! A guy who’s pretty much into blood sucking scenes together with some hot and somewhat intimate girls who’s very much willing to go at him any time! Damon also known as Ian Somerhalder is the guy when it comes to getting all the girls and boys, you  know… scream! Well, this latest or should I say rumors about him will get you guys on your knees! I’m talking about him having a doppelganger! You heard that right! There’s this guy who’s also in the Hollywood Industry who looks exactly and as charming as him!

Chace Crawford and Ian SomerholderYou heard that right! The said guy is said to have been spotted by paparazzi for sometime now! And let me say that they sure has a lot of resemblance when it comes to looks and charisma! Another thing is, he’s not alone! There’s a lot of them in Hollywood and that they exactly has this vampire blood running when it gets to comparing Damon to them! I don’t really know the real deal when it comes to them being friends! But I’m sure that everyone gets pretty confused when they get to be compared to a popular vampire guys just like Damon!

The Hollywood actor I’m talking about is none other than Chace Crawford from the popular Gossip Girl show! He’s hot right?! I’m just saying! If you get to see the picture of the two, you would and could definitely see the resemblance! Other than being both hot, they’re also  smart and vampire at heart! And by the way, Damon here was asked by some talk show host about Chace! You know what he said? He just simply said OK… He sure is cool about anything under the sun, that’s for sure!


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