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Did Iris West Really Died in the Infantino Street?

If you didn’t watch The Flash season 3 episode 22 yet, then I am warning you, there’s a spoiler ahead! You’ve been warned!

We’ve been expecting that Iris West will die in the series The Flash. The episodes of the series indicate his demise in several occasions and she was set to die in a certain time that every character of the series knows. And that did happen in the current episode of the show. Savitar killed her and Barry was not that fast to stop him. After I watched it happen, I am in denial stage and come up with a theory (which I also read from other websites) that someone might have taken her place and died instead. As the episode shows some hint that this might be true, I was looking at the funny HR Wells to die. I like his light character in the show but there’s a big possibility that this guy uses the technology to take Iris appearance and sacrifice himself.

However, latest preview of The Flash season 3 finale show that HR Wells is live and well. This killed my theory immediately and see possible characters to be capable of doing the sacrifice. I’m thinking of the old guy Flash but he was left in the speed force back in the episode where he save Barry and Kid Flash from being trapped in the speed force.

The following shows the extended promo for The Flash Season 3 Episode 23: Finish Line:

Now I’m beginning to accept the fact that Iris West did died and she might be back again but an Iris West from different earth.

What do you think, did Iris West really died?


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