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Dexter Season 5 Episode 11 – Hop A Freighter

Dexter Morgan hits once more with Dexter season 5 episode 11 with episode title “Hope a Freighter” and scheduled to be aired on Sunday night, December 5, 2010. The synopsis of the preview below shows how Dexter is quite stressed with his situation. I already saw this kind of Dexter several times but he always get away with this but I am not sure this time.

Here’s the brief description of Dexter season 5 episode 11:

Dexter and Lumen’s plans are momentarily thwarted when Dexter’s forced to do damage control after he concedes that someone, outside of Miami Metro, has taken an interest in them. Debra’s speculation on the missing Barrel Girl suspects begins to take shape. Quinn finds himself more involved in a homicide than he’d like to be.

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