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Creator Tami Roman Of Basketball Wives Begging Officials To Not Prevent Her Show From Airing

Tami Roman SuedWell, let me tell you that Tami Roman, the creator of Basketball Wives is so into a lot of trboules after getting sued by some hair company and that it was all because of some kind of endorsement agreement that she was not able to maintain or was able to do. It was said here that Rami Roman here was promoting her own hair line instead of the hair line that she was in contract with which is a no no for the company. And because of that, Tami here is facing a legal hair battle in the court which endangers her reality television show from airing!

What I’m talking about here is the hair line company named Creme de la Creme which Tami Roman is in contract with. For some of you wh doesn’t know anything about the said case, let me just tell you that she was sued by the said company last March and that the said comany asked the court to stop the network frrom showing some segments of the television show where tami was promoting her personal hair line instead of theirs.

So right now, Tami Roman here of the Basketball Wives is trying to get a hold ofsome legal documents and showing it off to the court claiming that she is but an innocent and that she was kind oflike the victim here. She’s also begging the court to not let this case of hers affect the airing of the show for she claims that a lot of people will suffer.


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