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Cougar Town “Christa Miller” And Her Law Suit Case Worth $200,000

Christa Miller's Law Suit

Christa Miller from Cougar Town

I bet that you all know Christa from the online show Cougar Town! It’s her alright! But this time, we’re not going to talk about her acting skills neither her role in the television show. This is more like a private thing going on about her and her manager who seems to be not happy about her to the extent that He actually filed a lawsuit to Christa which have shocked her and is still in shock on what is happening to them right now!

First and foremost, let me tell you that the root of all these troubles is money, and not about projects and or contracts that some of the actresses have had! Well, a lot of things have been already revealed by Christa’s manager, Mr. Jill Littman to the public! One of those secrets that were revealed was that the actress had exploited her to push through with the project in the COugar Town show with the promise of getting paid a commission worth $200,000.
I know what you are all thinking right now! That this is some serious money, and it is! That’s why manager Jill here is but doing his best to get that money from Christa no matter what! Going back! Well, Jill here filed a lawsuit in the County Superior Court in Los Angeles claiming that the actress violated some sort of verbal agreement about paying him back a total of 10%of her earnings because of the job she was able to land her in. What Jill doesn’t know here is that the creator of Cougar Town, Bill Lawrence is Christa’s wife and that whether with his help or not, she would probably be on the show no matter what!

I bet that Jill Littman is in a big trouble here! These things that he’s doing might actually backfire him and that He will surely pay more than twice than what he wants to get from Christa right now!


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