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Comedian’s Daughter Jane Carrey Auditions for American Idol Season 11

During the Auditions in San Diego, the audience and the viewers were surprised to know that one of the auditionees is actually the daughter of the famous comedian, Jim Carrey.

The audition period was heavy, as expected, with a lot of impressive singers trying to win the judges votes and the viewers that are present during the audition period. However, probably the moment that starstruck everybody is when the judges and the viewers were surprised that the girl standing in front of them is actually the daughter of Jim Carrey, one of the most renowned comedians in Hollywood.

Jim Carrey’s 24-year old daughter, Jane Carrey, was one of those impressive singers who took some longtime Fox viewers in awe, male and female alike, feeling all nostalgic, because she was really good when she tried out in front of Jim’s old “In Living Color” Fly Girl castmate, Jennifer Lopez. In fact, Jane even said to J.Lo, “I was 2 when you were on TV together.” However, Jennifer seems to be uninsulted with what she said and she even gave her a golden ticket.

Wow! Can you believe it? Jim Carrey’s daughter is actually on the show. She must have been so proud of her. But for Jane, she admitted that it wasn’t easy for her to live in her father’s shadow and to live with the expectations of other people because she is no other than the famous comedian’s daughter. Her soulful cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About” was very wonderful so there is no doubt she made it to the next level.


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