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CM Punk Of WWE Calls Chris Brown A Coward And Wants To Teach Him A Lesson!

CM Punk & Chris BrownThis is going to be the one thing that will make you love CM Punk more! I bet Rihanna is having a whole lot of fun here knowing that singer and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is going to be taught a lesson by heavyweight champion Punk! I really don’t know where these things have started, but I bet that Punk is serious about this! I mean, this is actually the first time he gets to speak to some popular RNB singer in a private video and that He’s not looking as if he was just acting it all up!

I don’t know whether this is good or bad for him! But there’s this one thing that He wants Chris to know! He is not afraid of him! He even said that Chris Brown here is a coward and a jerk for hitting women, especially Rihanna! We got this inside info that Chris Brown here has had accused CM Punk to be using steroids which He doesn’t and that his penis is inadequate! Let me tell you that these two are in heat right now! This is definitely going to be a start of something big! Who knows, maybe Chris Brown would actually face him in the ring!

This might or might not just for entertainment! This might or might not be true?! I don’t really know what’s going on with these guys, but the words that are coming out of their mouth are really sharp! Because of Chris Brown’s accusations, CM Punk here wants to have a no-hold match with him where they will get to give the money raised to their chosen charity which for Punk is for the abused women! I don’t have any idea if this match is ever going to happen! But if it does, I’m sure that this is going to be on the front page!


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