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Chris Brown Giving A Big Smile For His Fans After Phone Snatching!

Chris BrownBeing a celebrity is hard! I bet that that’s what Chris Brown is feeling right now! And aside from that, there’s this still accusation from people that He’s a girl hater and that He will if given a chance hit another woman just like what He did his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Right now, he’s the number one enemy of Rihanna’s fans and that He’s branded as the number one enemy of girls who wants respect and not assault from their men. What I’m going to give you right now is by far the opposite of everything that I’ve been telling you about him!

This time around, you will get to see Chris Brown here not punching nor snatching some girls phone just like what He did last Friday at Miami’s Cameo nightclub where the girl is said to have had taken some picture of him without his permission. Right now, it’s the same thing! The only difference is that these girls asked Chris Brown for it. What I’m talking about here is a picture taken just outside the valet after the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic’s game last Sunday.

If you are thinking that Chris Brown is a road kill and will not post for an avid fan, you have to think again! According to the girls, Chris Brown was nice and that they’ve even talked briefly before they’d taken a post and snap the shot! I know! This is kind of different to what the paparazzi and some people at the Cameo nightclub were describing Chris Brown! I am being that this is the real him and that too much attention sometimes change the person! And that includes Hollywood RNB singer Chris Brown! Other than that, this picture is great and makes us want to know him better. I mean, this certainly makes him the good guy, right?! Just saying


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