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Certified Box Office Hit for Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld Awakening Movie

With less than a week before the schedule date of release for the much awaited Underworld Awakening 2012 movie, the movie-goers, directors and producers have already predicted that Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld Awakening movie is surely going to be a certified box office hit. The said movie is set to hit in movie theaters on January 20, 2012.

We all know that Beckinsale has not been behind the camera for the past two years before filming last weekend’s box office hit Contraband and now, she seems to be really in demand that she is starring for two more upcoming films. And probably her most anticipated character or lead role is when she plays as the vampire wariorress Selene in the upcoming film, Underworld Awakening.

When she was offered with a lot of projects to make, at first, Beckinsale wasn’t really sure if she could handle and balance her career with her family. When she signed for her role in Contraband, her main concern actually addresses her fifth grade daughter, Lily.

“I’d been home for a little while. It wasn’t appropriate to pull her out of school,” she said. “And then Contraband came up, It was a supporting role, it wasn’t that long, and I could see how it worked.” That was not the problem because not long enough, she soon found herself running from one set to the next because while she was filming Contraband, she also began filming Underworld Awakening. Can you imagine how busy Beckinsale had become?

Anyway, Underworld Awakening is just another sequel to the Underworld movie franchise and I bet it is going to be a sure hit just like the other films. This sequel is about a vampire warioress who has escape from prison and found herself trapped in a war between humans and the vampires and Lycans.


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