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Breaking Dawn Part 1 Great Moments!

Mr. & Mrs. Edward and Bella CullenThey came, they saw, they giggled. We accepted John Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner to the MTV radio to first appearance a never-before-seen training video from their approaching “Breaking Dawn: Part 1,” and they were variety enough to keep around for an in-depth chit-chat. And by in-depth, we’re discussing everything from six-pack abs to sex, sex, sex.

Of course, there were many stand-out times from the night, but we’ve refined down our preferred to a decision five that we’ll enjoy for a extensive, while. Go through recent the leap to see our top selections and press have fun with on the training video to enjoy them for yourself!

Robert…in a G-string
Okay, so he wasn’t actually using a G-string for our webcast (though we arrange the right to demand he do so for a possible MTV First: “Breaking Beginning – Piece 2”), but his entertaining memory of using the itty-bitty skivvies and how they searched like “old ham” was important. Thanks, sir.

“Something Old, Something Blue”
Obviously one of the features of our MTV First was the EXCLUSIVE pre-wedding time we first showed. We’ve got a smooth location for Charlie, and him supplying Mother Swan’s traditional locks training video To Jacob black was a second of aw-inducing size. Be sure to enjoy it again…and again…and again…

Taylor’s T-shirt time
Bella dissed him and all he got was a T-shirt from Josh Horowitz. Thank benefits he can discover some like in “Breaking Beginning – Piece 2.” Spoiler?

Kristen doesn’t want you to see that
Of course we dug Kristen’s very first MTV “Twilight” meeting out of the records because we estimated some kind of effect, but I don’t think anyone estimated THAT KIND OF REACTION. The celebrity got out of her hold and nearly travelled across the business to steer clear of location little brown eyes on that bit of an additional. “As far as I’m anxious, this doesn’t are available,” she said emphatically. Um, but Kristen, it kind of does.

The ab war
Plenty of minutes were specific to deeply research of the midsections of both Rob and Taylor. And Mr. Pattinson wants you to know that his weren’t displayed on. But if they were, so were Taylor’s.

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