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Brad Pitts Famous Malibu House Now Owned By Ellen DeGeneres

For some time now, Ellen DeGeneres from the famous television talk show in America have been putting her eyes on the said one of the famous, not to mention breath taking Malibu House of one of the popular Hollywood couple of today, “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie”. Now, it seems that she’s finally got what she wants, and she’s but excited to fill the house with beautiful stuff from her and her partner Portia De Rossi. She didn’t bought this house for nothing! I mean, Ellen here sure ha this big taste when it comes to having such a beautiful sight near the beach where the Malibu house is located. It is also said that, it’s located in a coastal area which pretty much gives them the feel of fresh air including some breath taking nature sight.

Ellen DeGeneres Malibu HouseIn addition, let me just tell you that this so called Malibu house that Ellen now owns is but one of the most beautiful house located in one of the most private places in California. This house has a private access in some beaches which is best for privacy and or if they wanted to have some time away in the public just two of them. It also has this work of art pool and tennis court.

On the other hand, this house seems to be pretty much far from what her usual house is. If you think and look at it, the house that Ellen have is far more bigger especially when it comes to the length and size of it. what I’m talking about here is the measured 15,000 square foot house and lot that she owns in Beverly Hills which is now on sale for $49 Million. This house is nothing like it! What I mean is, everything about his house is so different from what she usually live in. It’s far more into nature and that it’s private something that she and her wife can really enjoy.

Right now, Ellen is but more than grateful knowing that this is hers. I mean, growing up is just hard and that she said that they we’re just renting a house before and that she didn’t actually have had imagined that she can and or will able to afford one like this. She sure came a long way. It’s like from rugs to richest! This truly is a big blessing for her, knowing that she really worked her ass to achieve what she is today and that it was more like a punch in the moon and tat the only thing that’s kept pushing him is the thought that she wanted to help her dad.


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