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Bobby Brown’s Upcoming Wedding & Concert In Hawaii

Bobby Brown Is Getting MarriedThis is like the biggest and the newest news ever told after the death of the one and only Diva that have ever lived! The one I’m talking about here is Bobby Brown who’s once married with Mariah Carey. Right now, He’s like living he’s life like no other and that He’s trying to move on with his life by marrying someone! But to tell you the truth, this is not an issue about Whitney’s family or daughter! This is all about Bobby Brown and his plans on marrying someone who’s like fallen deeply in love with him and vice versa.

According to Paparazzi, Bobby Brown here is going to have an upcoming weekend concert in Hawaii and that this is also where He will get to marry his long time fiancée Alicia Etheridge who’s like waiting for Bobby to pop out the big question for like 2 years now. The said wedding is going to be held in Hawaii where Bobby is also going to have his big concert. We were also informed that the wedding will be on the 15th of June in Hawaii were only some of their closest family and friends were invited and that Bobby will be the one who’s personally going to fly them over to the island.

And by the way, with regards to the family drama taking place with Houston’s mom and his daughter, we weren’t able to get details whether or not Bobby here will get to bring his daughter, Bobby Kristina Brown and that there’s still no info whether or not she was able to move on with the passing of her mom and her somewhat addiction with drugs. Additional info about the wedding is that it’s going to be on the celebration of Father’s day where Bobby here gets sing in his concert, celebrate father’s day and marry Alicia!


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