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Arthur (2011)

He’s a natural charmer and quite a sweet guy, but somehow irresponsible. That’s how you can describe billion-dollar-empire heir Arthur Bach (Russell Brand). And he’s the star of the show for a motion picture which will provide comic relief to moviegoers plus lessons in life on April 8 2011: Arthur. Along with Dame Helen Mirren, Greta Gerwig, and Jennifer Garner, the cast ensemble promises tons and tons of guffaws and laugh lines. Well ShowFreeVids, will give you reasons to watch Arthur online here on this website.

As Arthur’s got a penchant for relying everything to his seemingly limitless fortune, and his lifelong nanny Hobson (Mirren), naturally, not only is he a walking fashion disaster but is a complete nutcase with no cause for doing great and good at all times. His nurse and his inheritance are what he leans on to bail him out of trouble. As a man who seem to try his hand on things to escape adulthood, he faces his biggest challenge: riding on an arranged marriage with a woman who shows up on his doorstep (Garner) and continue his lavish lifestyle, or a seemingly uncertain future with the only woman he had ever loved, Naomi (Gerwig).


With Naomi’s equally elusive charm and the inspired effect she exudes on Arthur, plus Hobson’s unconventional assistance, Arthur will wrestle with the most expensive daredevil stunt of his life and perhaps, he may even learn what it takes and what it means to become a man. Directed by Jason Winer for Warner Bros. Studio, this film goes out to all the guys and gals out there who see life as a closed eggshell: no matter how long it takes, you still need to come out of your comfort zone and prove something valuable in life. Watch Arthur (2011) movie online here at


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