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Walker’s Money Problem Brought Him To Her Ex-Girlfriend Lozada For the $560k!

This is going to be as surprising as it can get! This is about one of the most popular basketball player of the Timberwolves before, Antoine Walker together with her ex-girlfriend Evelyn Lozada in his search of the whopping $110 Million which seems to have disappeared in a glimpse and haven’t left him even a single penny. This one is what you can call the revenge of the titan, where he gets to drool over some people whom he got closed before in hope that he can and or the trustee ha have could find out where the money has gone to.

Antoine WalkerIt seems to me that they’re eye’s we’re all but fixed with Evelyn for it was told that the “Basketball Wives” star has indeed got a part of that money which is told to have been illegally taken from the basketball star. You got right! It was last year when Antoine Walker file for bankruptcy and that it was his trustees who kind of smelled that something is not right! If you think about it, this once big star have been one of the biggest star before and that he did made a lot of money in basketball, except for the fact that he also had some big time endorsement that would’ve given him the said $110 Million earning in the bank. But that and all the other savings he had was all but gone, and that the trustees we’re smelling some kind of a rat which is more or less Evelyn.

What happened here was, the trustees that Walker have filed a sue case against Walker’s ex-girlfriend Evelyn Lozada claiming that the said transferred of the $560,ooo was fraudulent and that it was an attempt to hide the said transfer of the amount from the creditors.

The trustees made some research on what the television star “Basketball Wives Lozada did to the money and find out that she used it to a start a small shoe store in Miami called “Dulce”. Now, Walker’s trustee’s are trying to bring back the $560,000 from Lozadusing whatever legal terms necessary.

On the other hand, Lozada here said that the fund that she got for the small store called “Dulce” did not came from the $560,000 they are accusing her and that it was from the money she got after selling her engagement ring.

This story is just getting so interesting. One of them is telling a lie and that it’s making us think that it might more or less be Walker’s ex-girlfriend Lozada. She “Lozada” also added that she didn’t know that Walker was having trouble’s with depth and that it was just now she found out about it.


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