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Another Lead To What Might Be The Cause Of Whitney Houston’s Death!

Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston sure is dead, but the search to what might have triggered such untimely death have been and still on the run. You bet that the police officials who handling the case are making such necessary actions and investigations to make sure that they are not going to just pass by possible cause of her death! You bet that they are doing their best to find out whether or not she’s been in contact with illegal drugs and or the fact that her doctor might have had prescript an illegal drug for her that cause such reaction and that it might actually be the one reason why she passed away.

Right now, there’s this released statement of the people who’s handling the investigation and said that they has had checked Whitney Houston’s scheduled visits to some doctors. Well, guess what?! They found out that Whitney here has had almost three visits to some doctors to consult about her sore throat and to whiten her teeth too! I bet that you guys don’t know about this yet! Let me tell you that these visits were but what she’s been busy doing a week before she died.

Additional info is that she’s been doing all these checks up and teeth whitening for her upcoming shoot for a commercial for her sister in law candle line! I know that you guys are thinking that three times a week is put too much more teeth cleaning and whitening! You just don’t know Whitney very well. On the other hand, let me refresh your mind and tell you about the prescription drugs namely, Amoxicillin & Xanax plus the liquor she have had consumed which they believe has been the cause of such death. They said that Whitney might have already died from such reaction with the drugs and not because of drowning.


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