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Another Fantastic Comeback for the Denver Broncos Headed By Tim Tebow!

This was just an amazing win for the Denver Broncos! And to tell you the truth, this has been somewhat a routine for all of them! The game they had against the Chicago Bears team last December 11, 2011 was something that made the team especially Tim Tebow proved that this team is something that the other NFL teams will have to watch out for! The win was so surreal and exciting that they flailed away through the four quarters that brought them to a clutch! This is a game that made them so popular and that rumours has it that there’s someone looking down in this team that’s why they kept winning games even though they we’re somewhat the underdog!

Denver Broncos vs Chicago BearsThe one who made the win for the Denver Broncos was Matt Prater who made a 51- yard field goal with only 6 ½ minutes left gave their team another chance for a comeback which turned to an over time! After that, the over time was brought into that shocking ending  when Matt here was able to pull out a 59 yard with only 3 seconds left that brought them the win! And now, it’s their 6th consecutive win for this season!

His team is playing a different game! Quarterback Tim Tebow is the one kind of gave proof to such improvement to their team! Right now, they are on their 6th winning streak and that it puts them into the watch lists of team who’s but having the game of their lives! Tim already added that their team’s characteristics and motto is “Never say never”, which is one of the great and somewhat visible things that put them ahead of everyone! Coached Jo0hn Fox is proud of his team! He said that the team is going to rewrite their book and change it into “Keep Fighting”. He also added that their game today we’re not that good and that there have been a lot of drops that’s made it almost possible for them to win. And with that being said, they are more eager to have their game play into a fixed making sure that they are not going to make the same mistakes on their next game!

 As a conclusion of the game, the Chicago Bears did a good job in out running the Broncos on the 3rd set of the game! But, they made a lot of major mistakes which the Broncos were able to see through and divert as points! On the other hand, this is but an equal match and that the only thing that had separated the teams we’re but luck and God’s guidance!


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