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Angry Boys Season 1 Episode 4

Watch Angry Boys Season 1 Episode 4 online replay here at which air date was June 1, 2011 Wednesday night.

Here is the episode summary of the series.

After hearing that Chase won’t be attending his “Legendary Farewell Party”, Nathan decides he wants to invite skateboarding champion, Tim Okazaki, and gets Gran to send him an invite. Daniel is frustrated when he finds out Nathan has used up all the Internet download usage downloading pornography. He is also annoyed to find Nathan masturbating on the computer chair and during the night, and decides to come up with solution to stop Nathan from obsessive masturbating. He then decides that the best solution is to put plastic bottles on Nathan’s hands.

Tim Okazaki is a Japanese teen boy, who has become the world’s first gay skateboarder, and is known as a huge star in Japan. His mother, Jen Okazaki, is his manager and a mother of three. Jen moved with her family to America for a better life for her children. She realises that Tim’s career can be better promoted from Tokyo if she markets him as not only as a cute Japanese boy, but also as a homosexual. However, Tim reveals he’s actually American, speaks with a fake Japanese accent, and is not gay at all. Jen owns a successful empire called, “GayStyle Enterprises”, in which she sells cock-shaped whistles, perfume dispensers, water bottles and scrubbing brushes.

Meanwhile, Blake’s laid-back beach life-style is threatened by his wife demanding he pick up the groceries, and the Fennel Hell Men wanting to surf at ‘Mucca Mad Boys’ break.

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