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An Exclusive Film About The U.S Navy’s Top Secret Missions! “Act of Valor” Review!

The United States of America have been doing a lot of big and small missions that neutralized the illegal and somewhat dreadful killings by the terrorists! This and more are but the first things that the American Navy’s have in mind. They’re more like trying to figure out what to do with these terrorist’s and that trying to suppress the activities and the plans they have in mind. As far as I know, they’ve pretty successful in doing it. They’ve been recognize as one of the top military forces that are the best. And now, you and your family are but going to see it live! You will get to see their every move, feel their every breath, and actually be drawn of what is happening in the film. It’s going to be as real as it can get! This and more is what you will be seeing in this upcoming film entitled “Act of Valor”.

Act of Valor MovieWriter Kurt Johnstad and directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waaugh we’re but the ones who made such arrangements to make this as death defying and as real as possible! With that being said, they also did some research and have decided that they’ll be getting some real and active United States Marine guys to portray the roles in the film. And with that, they we’re set to work with some Navy guys like Emilio Rivera, Nestor Serrano, Alex Veadov, Jason Cottle, together with Roselyn Sanchez, Gonzalo Menendez and a whole lot more. This is what I call putting into the extreme to hit people in the heart and mind making it the must watch film this February 2012!

It’s going to be about a story of U.S Marine Men who are but on the mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent. If you think that it’ something easy and it’s going to be just like that, you’re wrong! This is going to be a retrieval operation, but it’s not going to be that easy. As they work on their mission, they then faced a somewhat unusual and a very disturbing plan of the terrorist to bring down America no matter what. After that, the team went rogue and decided to not only save the CIA agent, but also put an end to these terrorists.

This is where the excitement part comes! The film will show you some of the most secret and never before seen tactics of the Navy Seals. It’s going to be swift and so real that they’re actually using the tactics they’ve been doing on their missions in Iraqi and some part of the globe. This is going to be great, you can bet on it!


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