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American Idol’s Feud Against “The Voice” Television Show Revealed!

Nigel LythgoeFor all we know, the American Idol show seems to be the one that’s hitting the market today, but that was long before when The Voice was still but not aired on national television! The said rumours of feud started when the executive producer of the American Idol Nigel Lythgoe made a conference call with some of the reporters early morning of February 7, 2012 and have given such an interesting and quite a challenge to the opposing reality competition show called The Voice. Things seem to get really tense and that he started citing some of the big differences he thinks that makes his American Idol show to still be the best!

Some of the things he has vulgarly said was that the said competing team “The Voice” have yet to discover nor shown some bold and raw talent which is but far different from what they have had been showing across the people of America! Lythgoe here also cited the future career of the host of the show, Ryan Seacrest which he obviously intends to compare with the competing host of the show. Because of that, He indeed went all out when he openly discussed the success of one of the show’s promising contestant on the show, Katherine McPhee who is said to be payer for a show called smash.

There’s certainly a grudge between these competing realities singing competition show! I feel like Lythgoe here is not ready to compliment the competing show for He feels as if they are still not ready and that they lack some of the best and promising singers that are yet to be discovered. Right now, there’s just this one fact that He just has to admit! The Voice has more of that gimmick side which people love and that the rating of the show is getting higher and higher which He should be afraid of.


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