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American Idol Season 11 Winner’s Family Business Got Robbed

After wining the American Idol Season 11 against Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips reign as the new Grand Champion and he celebrated it by attending his medical needs because of his worsening kidney problem, all throughout the season Phillip Phillips was suffering because of his sever kidney problems caused by kidney stones, the doctors of Phillip Phillips advised him to attend his medical needs but Phillip Phillips insisted that he will first finish the Finale of American Idol then that’s the time that he will attend his medical needs.

And right now our American Idol grand champion is facing yet another problem. It was reported that their family Pawnshop located on Georgia was burglarized by some punks with the use of backhoe to open the backdoor. It was reported that in order to enter the Pawnshop the perpetrators used the Backhoe to force their way in through the Pawnshop and start looting. According to our sources, guns, flat screen TV’s, antique coins, rings, necklaces and the whole cash register was taken by the perpetrators which is equivalent to $ 4,000.

Cops said that the Backhoe was stolen in a nearby neighborhood, and they added that the phone and power lines was cut before crime was came into an action. Luckily the family of Phillip Phillips was not there because they are currently in Georgia supporting Phillip Phillips while he is recovering from a successful surgery. We don’t know what would’ve happen if the family of Phillip Phillips was there during theĀ incident.

This is like the first incident of burglary that had ever happened with the champ’s family and that they never thought that such things would happen to the shop. Right now, their still looking and trying to find out the people behind all this, and you bet that they are not going to stop at nothing to make them pay.


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