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American Idol Season 11 Winner Succesful Trip to the E.R

Philip Philips After SurgeryEver wondered what’s happened to the American Idol Season 11 winner, Philip Philips after that big and stunning finale night!? If you were to ask me, it looks to me that Idol winner Philip Philips is not feeling well that day that He actually skipped the after party which was actually meant for him. Instead, it was the runner up Jessica Sanchez who gets to celebrate the day together with her family and some of her idol friends. That according to some of the press people who attended the said party and saw that the idol winner Philip Philips is sweating and white as he**.

According to reports, Philips here has a high fever that day and that it was all thanks to God that He was still able to perform in the stage. But right now, the idol winner would and will finally make his comeback in the stage after that succesfull surgery where the doctors were able to get that enormous stone on his kidney out of his body. The operation was delayed for a couple of days and that it’s all because of the fever that Philips has.

Right now, there’s this reason to celebrate after having that succesful 6 hour surgery that have been bugging and making Philips here ill knitted and in pain during the idol week and the grand finale. The stone was so big that the doctors said tha there’s no way it would actually exit the idol winners body on its own. So now, after that excruciating painful long week with the idol stage and his kidney stone, He is now able to breath with relief now that it’s all gone. I bet that this is where He’s idol journey begins together with the promotion of his pcoming album.


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