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Adam Lambert And His Big Fight With His Boyfriend Exposed!

Well, I guess all the rumors and dirty talks about the Season 8 American idol winner Adam Lambert being gay is going to stop now. I mean, this is the one news that most likely bring up the real deal about the singer and that what he is. There’s no discrimination going on right here. All I’m saying is at least we get to know now what he really is. There have been a lot of talks before about his gender and that he said that he’s not gay and that people we’re being irrational judging him by the way he looks. To end this all up, let me just say that it’s official! Adam Lambert of the American Idol Season 8 is gay and a proof of that is this news about him having some serious brawling in the street of Finland.

Adam Lambert and Sauli KoskinenAccording to some reports, the said argument started when the couple we’re but inside the Helsinki bar where it isĀ  said that they we’re having some kind of an argument over something and that it was so big that the security of the bar decided t toss them outside, and that’s where the two of them got physical. There we’re people who took a stand and knd of tried to stop thecat fight including the police, but we’re not able to control the two that’s why the police officials decided to bring the two into custody.

The guy I’m talking about here is a Finnish Big Brother Star named Sauli Koskinen. The two of them “Lambert” and “Koskinen” we’re questioned regarding with the incident and found out that it was just some normal arguments about love and that they just got driven with the situation and that they just need to talk, that’s it. A few minutes after that, the Finnish police department let the two go for there are no physical injuries and or what so ever that could’ve made them stay there longer.

So right now, all those rumors and back talking about him and his gender has finally gotten it’s answers. He’s gay and he’s proud of it. On the other hand, Lambert’s boyfriend “Koskinen” posted a response using his twitter account about the incident and said that, “being exposed in public is not easy and that they too are humans”. “He also added that love is also not an easy task, but the difference is that it lasts forever”.


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