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A Touching Story About Humans and Whales! The “Big Miracle” Movie Review

Did you ever imagine yourself crying over some movies out in the cinema?! Well, this is the right time that you should be! This is going to be a touching story about a group of grey Whales who found themselves trap in the Arctic Circle and that the only ones who can help them are the humans! This is going to be a heartfelt story of love, affection and care for these animals that has no hope left and is just bewildering in the dark cavern of ice lying in the arctic sea! This is going to be a great movie entitled Big Miracle.

Big Miracle MovieWriter’s Jack Amiel and Michael Begler made sure that the story is going to be an emotional relation to the viewers which is just perfect! He wrote down the scripts and the concepts of the film quite perfectly that it indeed linked us and made sure that every one of us will be drawn to it! The story will start off as Adam Carlson, a news anchor in the Arctic region was about to leave the place when he discovered the said whales! He knew that there will be no hope for the whales but to freeze to death underneath! But that was just about him and his hopeless reclusion and that it’s not the same as what her ex girlfriend Rachel Kramer here thinks! What Rachel did was to make sure that the government and the people in the said town to be aware of what is happening, and that she did! And by the way, Rachel here is a well known environmentalist who is not going to give up that easily with these whales! Now, all of the sudden, everyone’s attention turned toward this tiny whole where the whales are located making ordinary people, politicians and even people from cross countries who is but considered by US government as enemies work hand in hand to save the whales!

This film is remarkably touching. It will make you want to cry and just do something to help those whales! It truly is a moving that inspire and something that will make you and your family that much closer to the wild! The film is starred by promising celebrities like Josh Krasinski as “Adam Carlson”, Drew Barrymore as “Rachel Kramer”, Mark Ivanir, Michael Gaston, Dermout Mulroney and a whole lot more!

If you believe that there can be change! Then you are right! You will have to watch this movie to know that simple things such as these can truly make a big difference! A movie which indeed worthy of such praise! This is going to be out in cinemas near you this coming January 13, 2012.


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