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A Disaster In the Dancing With the Stars in Vegas

A Disaster In the Dancing With the Stars in VegasEver thought of a thief inside the dressing room of Dancing With the Stars Show? If not, then let me tell you that it’s possible and one of the proof for it is Dancing With the Star contestant, Tia Carrere. This is like a one massive shocking event and that it was actaully pretty surprising seeing her alive! I mean, the fact that Tia here caught the Thief in the act makes it pretty much vain and somewhat shocking that she didn’t got stabbed or punched by the guy out?! Eitherways, were happy that Tia idn’t got hurt.

According to some inside info, it was like around 10 PM when the incident happened and that it was in her private dressing room in the Tropicana for she was like doing some gig of some kind. And another thing you should know! When Carrere here saw the guy on the act, she didn’t scream or anything to call for help. What she did was, she gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and asked what He was doing. But then with just a blink of the eye, the guy bolted out aand that He didn’t even bothered passing right her.

After that, that was the time she called for help but it was already too late. According to Tia Carrere, the guy took off with her thousand dollars worth purse, her two iPhones and some cold cash. If you think that it was only Carrere who got victimized by the guy, no! We were also told that one of the dancers of the show, Anya Garris had her wallet cleaned out and that the guy took all his cash.


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